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Sophie Alice


I am a self-taught graphite artist based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. I specialise in portraits of cats and dogs but welcome commissions of any animal, domestic or otherwise. I am a passionate animal lover and take great pleasure in recreating beloved pets on paper. The feedback I receive from satisfied customers brings me enormous joy and I'm very grateful to be doing something that makes myself and others so happy. I take pride in keeping in regular contact with my customers and am always happy to answer any questions about potential portraits so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


When not drawing animals I can be found drinking tea, puzzling, and indulging in the works of Agatha Christie. I am a fledgling yogi and proud Hufflepuff. 



I am a half tabby, half Maine Coon feline based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. I specialise in sitting with Sophie while she draws animals that aren’t me, which I have mixed feelings about. I am the inspiration behind The Cat and Pencil, which Sophie set up after I survived a kittenhood illness and started sprawling out on the drawing table. I am fond of playing with pencils and brushes and am partial to nibbling the erasers. Sophie reads me all of our feedback and it seems like I’m doing a pretty good job.


When not being an inspiration I can be found sleeping, eating, running maniacally around the apartment, and watching Match of the Day. I am named after Professor Minerva McGonagall, and am a distant cousin of the lion. As such, I am a born Gryffindor.

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